The Blood Brothers present…
Part Two: Shock Treatments

Shock Treatments

By Mac Rogers

The Blood Brothers - Pete Boisvert and Patrick Shearer
Grandma Blood - Stephanie Cox-Williams
Orderly Joe - J. Robert Coppola
Doctor Queen - Kristen Vaughan

All In Good Fun (Part II)

By Nat Cassidy
Directed by Patrick Shearer

Andre Grijalva - John Hurley

Leslie Gets a Puppy

By Nat Cassidy
Directed by Pete Boisvert

Leslie - Ivanna Cullinan*
Doc 1 - Timothy McCown Reynolds*
Doc 2 - C.L. Weatherstone

Do You Like Doritos?

By Mariah MacCarthy
Directed by Patrick Shearer

Cathy - Rebecca Gray Davis
 - Lilli Stein*
 - Bryan Enk


By Mac Rogers
Directed by Pete Boisvert

Joanna - Judy Merrick
Brother Blood - Patrick Shearer
Stretch - Bryan Enk
Woodchuck - C.L. Weatherstone
Lucas - Marc Landers
Dave - John Hurley
Loni - Rebecca Gray Davis

*Appears courtesy Actor’s Equity Association

Originally performed at The Brick
May 8-10, 2014

Production and Design Team

Production Manager
Stephanie Cox-Williams

Fight Choreographer
J. Robert Coppola

Costume Designer
Karlē J. Meyers 

Gore/Prop Designer
Stephanie Cox-Williams

Graphic Designer
Pete Boisvert

Lighting Designer
Jennifer Wilcox

Sound Designer
Patrick Shearer

Production SM/Board Op
Robyne C. Martinez

Original Music
Larry Lees and Nat Cassidy

Pete Boisvert, Stephanie Cox-Williams,
Roger Nasser, Patrick Shearer


Scary theater just indicates someone is going to use psychology to push us out of our comfort zones, doesn’t it?  I knew this when I sat in the front row at The Brick, a place known for innovative performance, and put on the spatter-preventing poncho.  Even armed with this knowledge, and being acquainted with the work of playwrights Nat Cassidy, Mariah MacCarthy, and Mac Rogers, I still learned something new at this installment of Blood Brothers Present Bedlam Nightmares Part Two: Shock Treatments. — Ed Malin, nytheater now