The Blood Brothers present…

Originally performed at The Brick
October 4-13, 2012

Raw Feed
By Mac Rogers

The Blood Brothers - Pete Boisvert and Patrick Shearer

I Prefer Limes
By James Comtois
Directed by Pete Boisvert

Woman - Leah Carrell
Voice - Gareth Declan
Friend - Alexis Thomason
Detectives - Emily Hartford and Collin McConnell
Police - TJ Clark and Judy Merrick

Bachelor Number One
By James Comtois
Directed by Nat Cassidy

Host - C.L. Weatherstone
Bachelor #1 - Lowell Byers
Bachelor #2 - TJ Clark
Bachelor #3 - Roger Nasser
Cheryl - Alexis Thomason
Talia - Stephanie Willing
Julie - Leah Carrell

By Nat Cassidy
Directed by Patrick Shearer with Stephanie Cox-Williams
Choreography by Stephanie Willing with Judy Merrick

Mother - Judy Merrick
Daughter - Stephanie Willing
Lover - Gareth Declan
Friend - Collin McConnell

Kittens in a Bag
By Mac Rogers
Directed by Patrick Shearer

Luka - TJ Clark
The Internet - Emily Hartford
Neal - Collin McConnell
Carlo - Gareth Declan
Clerk - Leah Carrell

Dark Mirror
By Danny Bowes
Directed by Pete Boisvert

Narrator - Alexis Thomason
Hooded Man - C.L. Weatherstone
Old Woman - Judy Merrick

Joy Junction
By Nat Cassidy
Directed by Pete Boisvert

Ronald - Roger Nasser
Marty - Collin McConnell
Marigold - Stephanie Willing
Annabelle - Judy Merrick
Chooch - Gareth Declan

All of Me
By Stephanie Cox-Williams
Directed by Patrick Shearer

Man - C.L. Weatherstone
Woman - Leah Carrell
Police - TJ Clark, Gareth Declan, Emily Hartford and Collin McConnell

Kitty’s Revenge
By Jessi Gotta
Directed by Patrick Shearer

Luka - Judy Merrick
Puppy - Roger Nasser
Bunny - Stephanie Willing
Kitten - Emily Hartford

Production and Design Team

Stage Manager    
Nikki Castle

Production Manager
Stephanie Cox-Williams

Costume Designer
Karlē J. Meyers 

Gore/Makeup Designers
Stephanie Cox-Williams and Jane Rose

Graphic/Web Designer
Pete Boisvert

Lighting Designer
Ian W. Hill

Prop Designers
S. Cox-Williams and Judy Merrick

Sound Designer
Patrick Shearer

Video Designer
Douglas MacKrell

Stephanie Willing

Masks for Kitty’s Revenge
Jessi Gotta

Original Music
Larry Lees and Nat Cassidy

Press Agent
James Comtois

Pete Boisvert, Stephanie Cox-Williams, Patrick Shearer

Associate Producer
James Comtois


The difference between a mediocre Halloween and a killer holiday is no larger than the Blood Brothers.  If you want to hide from the shadows and pay top dollar for a Times Square haunted house, you're sure to have some good laughs and a cozy night.  But if you prefer to court nightmares that revel in the dank, then Nosedive Production's (somewhat) annual horror anthology is the place.

Proceeding from the inarguable premise that every innovation that promises an advance for humanity will go right into a race for the bottom, and six feet under that, Raw Feed gives us a shambling pageant of smartphone stalkers, obsessively-updating serial killers, porn-site-addicted perv evangelists, and others either magnifying their personality or contracting their world through the looking glass of the smallest screens.

Photos by Isaiah Tanenbaum