The Blood Brothers present…
The New Guignol

An Introduction to the New Guignol
By Mac Rogers 

The Blood Brothers - Pete Boisvert and Patrick Shearer

A Room With No View
By James Comtois
Directed by Abe Goldfarb
Fight Choreograpy by Stephanie Cox-Williams

Elisabeth - Becky Byers
Josef - Robert Leeds*

The Itch
By James Comtois
Directed by Matt Johnston

Woman - Jessi Gotta
Voice - Robert Leeds*

By Danny Bowes
Directed by Stephanie Cox-Williams 

Woman - Rebecca Comtois
Nurse - Marsha Martinez
Soldier - Ben VandenBoom

Nothing We Can Do
By Danny Bowes
Directed by Patrick Shearer

Doctor - Cotton Wright*
Nurse 1 - Stephen Heskett
Nurse 2 - Marsha Martinez
Cop - Ben VandenBoom

On This Bus Forever
By Mac Rogers
Directed by Patrick Shearer

Joyce - Rebecca Comtois
Lee - Ryan Andes*
Passenger 1 - Becky Byers
Passenger 2 - Robert Leeds*

By James Comtois
Directed by Rebecca Comtois

Young Man - Ryan Andes*
Young Woman - Marsha Martinez

Biological Mother
By Mac Rogers
Directed by Pete Boisvert

Andrea - Cotton Wright*
Toby - Stephen Heskett
Gail - Jessi Gotta*
Shannon - Marsha Martinez
Nurse - Ben VandenBoom
Guard - Ryan Andes* 

* appears courtesy Actor’s Equity Association

Originally performed at The Brick
October 28-31, 2009

Production and Design Team

Stage Managers
Stephanie Cox-Williams & Dana Rossi 

Lighting Designer
Daniel Winters 

Scenic Designer
Arnold Bueso 

Costume Designer
Sarah Riffle 

Makeup Designer
Leslie Hughes

Sound Designer
Patrick Shearer

Original Music
Larry Lees

Press Agent
James Comtois

Pete Boisvert, James Comtois,
Rebecca Comtois, 
Stephanie Cox-Williams, Patrick Shearer 

Associate Producers
Marc Landers, Ben VandenBoom



"...revealing the inexplicable and unpredictable darkness that seethes beneath the surface of human nature and can rear its ugly head at any time and in any person. The form and spirit of the evening is an admirable tribute to the Grand Guignol's peculiar moment in theatrical history." —

"The New Guignol rips its terror from the headlines and reminds us that the scariest thing that we can encounter is other people, not the supernatural horrors and bogeymen that are the creations of our own imaginations." —

"My most delectable Halloween treat was attending The New Guignol." —

Photos by Daniel Winters and Sarah Riffle