The Blood Brothers present…
Freaks from the Morgue

Originally performed at
The Kraine Theater
June 11-July 3, 2011

By Mac Rogers

The Blood Brothers - Pete Boisvert and Patrick Shearer

Bad Samaritan

By Stephanie Cox-Williams
Directed by Pete Boisvert 

Woman - Ingrid Nordstrom
Larry - Abraham Makany
Missy - Leah Carrell
Eddie - Ben Schnickel


By Brian Silliman
Directed by Patrick Shearer

Teenager - Leah Carrell
Young Man - Ben Schnickel
Young Lady - Samantha Mason
Photographer - Marc Landers
Reporter - Stephanie Cox-Williams
Crowd - TJ Clark, Abraham Makany,
Collin McConnell, Ingrid Nordstrom

Daddy’s Bad Medicine
By James Comtois
Directed by John Hurley

Lil Angel - Stephanie Finn

Final Girl

By Mac Rogers
Directed by Patrick Shearer 

Lil Sister - Ingrid Nordstrom
Ashley - Samantha Mason
Dolly - Stephanie Cox-Williams
Quentin - Collin McConnell
Bobby - Marc Landers
Revellers - Leah Carrell, TJ Clark, Stephanie Finn, 
Abraham Makany, Ben Schnickel

Evening Lullaby
By Brian Silliman
Directed by Pete Boisvert

Young Girl - Ingrid Nordstrom
Mother - Judy Merrick
Pedophile - Marc Landers

By Crystal Skillman
Directed by Patrick Shearer 

Girl - Samantha Mason
Man - Collin McConnell

By James Comtois
Directed by Pete Boisvert

Rice - Ben Schnickel
Smith -  Abraham Makany
McNeil - TJ Clark
Priscilla - Leah Carrell
Otty - Judy Merrick

Production and Design Team

Production Stage Manager
Jenna Dempsey 

Rehearsal Stage Managers
Stephanie Cox-Williams & Sandy Yaklin 

Costume Designer
Karlē J. Meyers 

Graphic Designer
Pete Boisvert 

Lighting Designer
Jeremy Pape & Russell Dobular 

Makeup Designer
Melissa Roth 

Sound Designer
Patrick Shearer 

Props & Effects Designer
Stephanie Cox-Williams 

Fight Choreographer
Joe Mathers 

Chris Connolly 

Original Music
Larry Lees 

Press Agent
James Comtois & Ron Lasko


Pete Boisvert, James Comtois, 
Stephanie Cox-Williams, Patrick Shearer 

Associate Producers
Rebecca Comtois, Marc Landers, 
Ben VandenBoom, Christopher Yustin


"There wasn't one person in the house of the Kraine Theatre who wasn't reveling in the blood-fest." —

"The Blood Brothers present... is a rare annual delicacy, and shouldn't be missed. Sit close so you can feel the danger (and possibly the blood).  You'll have a great time doing it."

Photos by Aaron Eptein