The Blood Brothers present…
Part Four: Execution Day

Execution Day

By Mac Rogers

The Blood Brothers - Pete Boisvert and Patrick Shearer
Doctor Queen - Kristen Vaughan
The Old-Timer - Bob Laine
Grandma Blood - Stephanie Cox-Williams
Mintz - Roger Nasser
Orderly Joe - J. Robert Coppola
The Troubadour - Nat Cassidy*
Sonia/Leslie - Ivanna Cullinan*
The New Kid - Collin McConnell 
Tim - C.L. Weatherstone 
Jim - Andy Chmelko


The Art Of What You Want

By Nat Cassidy
Directed by Pete Boisvert

Harris -  Michael Markham*
Doctor Queen - Kristen Vaughan
Emily - Morgan Zipf-Meister
Terry - Lynn Berg*

Daddy's Girl

By Mariah MacCarthy
Directed by Patrick Shearer

George - Tom Reid
Sely - Jessica Luck*


All In Good Fun

Words and Music by Nat Cassidy
Directed by Patrick Shearer

The Troubadour - Nat Cassidy*
Mrs. Albermarle - Stephanie Cox-Williams
Another Old Man - Bob Laine
Andre Grijalva - John Hurley
The Nurse - Karlē J. Meyers 
The Blood Brothers - Pete Boisvert and Patrick Shearer

Joy Junction

By Nat Cassidy
As cannibalized by Mac Rogers
Directed by Stephanie Cox-Williams
Assisted by Pete Boisvert

Ronald - Roger Nasser
Marty - Collin McConnell
Marigold - Lynn Berg*


By Mac Rogers
The Blood Brothers - Pete Boisvert and Patrick Shearer
Cashier - Stephanie Cox-Williams
Cavaliers Fan - Bob Laine
Boy - Collin McConnell
Manager - Tom Reid

*Appears courtesy Actor’s Equity Association

Originally performed at The Brick
October 22-November 1, 2014

Production and Design Team

Production Manager
Stephanie Cox-Williams

Production SM/Board Op
Robyne C. Martinez

Assistant Director
Stephanie Cox-Williams

Fight Director
J. Robert Coppola

Costume Designer
Karlē J. Meyers 

Gore/Prop Designer
Stephanie Cox-Williams 

Graphic Designer
Pete Boisvert

Lighting Designer
Morgan Zipf-Meister

Sound Designer
Patrick Shearer

Original Music
Larry Lees and Nat Cassidy

Pete Boisvert, Stephanie Cox-Williams, 
Roger Nasser, Patrick Shearer


A brilliantly grotesque evening of diverse horrors... The theatricality of the piece is remarkably intricate from well plotted projectionwork to flexibility in lighting presentation by Morgan Zipf-Meister and costume design by Karle J. Meyers. The actors perform with an “I’ve always wanted to do this” glee which reverberates within the audience... “The Blood Brothers” present Bedlam Nightmares: Execution Day is above all a well crafted evening of theatre.  The immense collaborative team presents a fiercely imagined and intentionally designed evening of horror.  — Wesley Doucette - New York theatre Review

The performers all relish the horrors they depict, whether they are portraying killer or victim (the lucky ones got to be both). The violence is indeed bloody. One fellow gets his intestines removed by hand. Another victim vomits onto the stage floor before dying from poison. Many others are sliced and/or stabbed... Fans of the macabre should find something to enjoy in Bedlam Nightmares: Execution Day. Roark Littlefield, StageBuddy

The overarching story of the Blood Brothers and their upcoming execution is everything that I hoped it would be (they are even forced to perform in a final Grand Guignol show describing their final murder spree that landed them in Hospital One).  Disturbing, funny (thanks in no small part to Bob Laine), surprising, and ultimately completely satisfying.. — Byrne Harrison, StageBuzz

An evening of terrifying tales and spurting arteries that is definitely not for children... If you like your Halloween horror dark, blood-soaked, and moral-free, check yourself into Hospital One for a visit  — Amanda LaPergola - Theatre is Easy